Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why Aham Brahmasmi?

Arrogant. Height of stupidity. Absolutely crazy. Idiotic utterings. Well these are just few reactions of people whenever i say i feel like god and thats the reason my favourite quote is Aham Brahmasmi. I am not a kind of person who has ever felt like explaining anything to anybody. One of my philosphies is not to regret anything. Nevertheless i today i am presenting my thoughts on this subject.

I have always been awed by life. I have always tried to find answers for questions which people ignore as meaning less. I am in Love. I am in love with life. Its mysteries. Its really fascinating that we dream and hope for the future knowing very well it is not garunteed. Being a true saggitarian and optimist to the fault, i dont find anything wrong with it. I am infact myself a daydreamer. And few things that life has taught me in my 4 years of struggle i am presenting here as a build to my philosophy behind Aham Brahmasmi.

Nobody wants to be remembered as a non acheiver. Certainly not in the competetive and ever racing world we are living in. But is materialistc acheivement the end of the road. In pursuit of our happyness we are getting insesitive to others. We no more care the action or its reaction. We are getting selfish day by day. Then one fine day when a person more ruthless than us beats us and gets ahead in race we complain of declining morality. We talk of thics. And here comes the basic principle of life. You get what you give. Life usually has its own strange ways of getting back to us. So what we want from life is our choice.

Trust. An essential part of life and any kind of relationship. I have never had problems in trusting people. But i learnt trusting the circumstances and the decision of whatever you call it god/super natural/supreme soul after lot of not so good experiences. Our decisions and choices certainly shape our destiny. But most of the times we forget that being humans our plans are not foolproof. Having the beleif that it is, is the start of long road filled with stress and on many occaisions path of failure. When things go wrong i have learned to losen my grip and allow life to take its own turn. Being rigid never helped me. But allowing life to take its own course has finally given me the results which i had set to acheive at the first place. Another gem of life. Some times its better to just sit back and realx. Time is a great healer. Trust yourself. Trust the destiny.

Few months back one of my collegue said i hardly seem to get angry or upset with anything. I did not dare to correct him. Infact i am very ammature at hiding my emotions. Anything thats in my heart is on my face. Again one of the lessons i learnt from life is to smile no matter what. There was a time when few people dared to actually correct me if i did anything wrong. It was due to my short temperdness. By being short temperd and hostile to others i lost lots of good advices. Now i welcome any comment,advice and critics with smile. They can just adivce. And its upto me to impliment and follow what i feel is right. Its upto me to filter things. Another advantage of being cheerful and romantic about life is i am at peace with myself after long. Lifes third lesson for me. Be cheerful, warm and receptive. We may not gain but we will certainly not lose.

I have always tried to challenge myself. On occaisions have challenged circumstances. I dont have any regrets with my past. Nor do i cribble about my mistakes. Because whenever i have realised that i had done a mistake, i have challenged myself to prove the world it was worth it. And how did i do that? Simply building my next success story and acheivement on the coffin of that mistake. I have been succesful in motivating and inspiring myself from the mistakes and hardships till now. And am looking forward for some more mistakes gleefully knowing they will form the foundation stones. Everybody does mistakes. Nobody is perfect. But when you build your success around that mistake not many dare to qustion you. Thats the way and attitude that life deserves.

My parents always asked us to be true to ourselves. I realised the power of that bit late. At the end of the day, knowing and being sure you have been true to yourself and your intents have been good is what matters. And thats the ultimate bliss one can have. I have always taken care not to hurt anybody intently. And i seldom talk harsh. We have to understand that everybody is acting as per his opinion and intents for given situation. When we realise this, we realise that the culprist is the situation. Not a individual. Enlightened soul reads the situations and a fool reads the individual. I had read it long back. Now i feel its really true.

I have had my fair share of failures. I am not bothered by it. Personally and professional i do have few bad memories. But they dont matter me anymore. They are like rotten potatoes. You can carry them with you for few days. Few months. Then they start stinking. Still if you dont throw them away they will attract all kinds of worms and bacterias which will slowly start affecting you. The one fine day you will find yourself crippled due the rotten potatoes. So its always better to throw out the potatoes from the past.

Now after reading the most boring of my musings you may ask how it is related with Aham Brahmasmi. Well here is the answer. Every human or for that matter living/non living organism has a soul as per the Vedas and hindu philosophy. And each one has to attain moksha to be get united with supreme soul.

I am not religious but the idea seems quite intresting and convincing. So if i want to be spiritually at the height where i can treat myself one with the ultimate soul i have to be one. If all are part of that soul then all are as pure and serene as it is.

And if you look at life, each person has his/her own definition and version of life. It is teaching each of lessons every day. And these lessons are to prepare us to have a blissful life. Life keeps on making us learn and unlearn lot of things.

My life depends on me. My choices decide my destiny. My behaviour decides my happyness. My opnions and thoughts decide my state of mind. So i am the controller of my life. So i am GOD UNTO MYSELF. AHAM BRAHMASMI.

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