Friday, November 23, 2012

Bonds of School Friendship

Standing at what most probably may be mid point of my life time, I believed I have seen enough of life. After having made peace with life years ago, I thought life can neither surprise nor shock me. Well, I was wrong. Seems it still has few tricks up its sleeves.

Last couple of days, have been connecting with "chaddi dosts". Friends from school days. It has been almost 15 years. In these 15 years, world has changed a lot. Many of these friends have their own different worlds. All of us have gone through transformations. We are not what we were. Everyone is travelling in their own chosen path, and hardly anybody would have expected that these paths may cross  once again. And when they cross, boy, what a strangely wonderful feeling it is.

What is it that our hearts are filled with warmth when we come across friends from childhood? Though there may be nothing of common interest anymore, still there is that bond. I dont know how to define it in words, but it can only be realized.

I have great memories associated with my school days. Bunking the classes whole day for adventures at betta - nothing could ever give me this thrill again. Today, we comment about politics, history or any other complicated concept and theories. Back then, small gossip would be THE NEWS! Looking back, there are so many things we did, which now we may call silly and stupid. But, these very things were the  most important to do in the world. It is rightly said that the bonds formed at school last for life. You may meet after decades, but still there will be that instant spark and connection.

Bansi,Batli,Lambu,Motu,Laddo... These nick names puts smile on our faces. Immaterial of the present realities of life, worries bothering us, the school memories never fail to black out them for a while at least. Whenever I watch"Ek Do Ek Do" parade on TV or Movies, I hear only "Break Do Cake Do". Damn the NCC instructors! Like Congress, siphoned off our refreshments. I vaguely remember trip to Jog Falls, Sahsralinga etc.

As I type this post, all the good old memories are returning. So many incidents and events, some vague  and some clear. Many names and faces. Few images imprinted forever. I never thought I had these memories buried deep somewhere.

I dont think I can put them here in words. Not that I dont want to, but just that words cant explain. I just did a quick name recollection exercise.

When I started to type this post, my intention was to explore and contemplate the reasons behind the happy feeling connecting with old friends. But, now I think, I can not. May be I am rusty for having been away from blogging all these years. The main reason : I just want to feel the warmth of memories, smile and leave them at it. I dont want to spoil the fun trying to analyse or contemplate them. :) Let the innocent childhood memories be just that, innocent. There are many more things to contemplate about or crib about.

Meanwhile, to all your guys out there, a sincere THANKS!! for being part of my life and me! Thanks for all those memories. Memories that keep reminding me when low , that I have had good share of wonderful times in my life!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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