Friday, February 13, 2015

If Indian media and its the parasites in its eco system were"Secular" and "Progressive Liberals"

If Indian media and its the parasites in its eco system were"Secular" and "Progressive Liberals" -

1. Media opinion polls and other survey would focus on voters needs and priorities, voting patterns of various financial classes. Parties that are addressing these concerns their speeches, deeds etc.


On caste, religion lines showing which community voting for whom. Then debate nonsense for hours.

Ex: This really does not need example. anybody who has seen poll debates know it.

2. Would debate and report with sole focus only on candidates profile, promises, credibility and plans for thier individual constituencies.


Asking parties how many candidates of which community are in fray and going into farce of "representation" or "inclusive of communities".

Ex: For every election media asks how many "muslim" or "dalit" candidates BJP has fielded.

3. Would ponder over why politicians make absurd remarks , why audiences lap it up, what is social issue, how this should be condemned and not encouraged with social scientists, other intellectuals avoiding political party spokespersons


Pick a particular party or community leader, abuse that community in general, increase TRP with tu tu - main main  meanwhile ignoring and totally turning blind similar utterances of another communities.

Ex: Lynch bjp leaders (deserved for stupid remarks) meanwhile ignore and mention in passing akbarudding owasi, assaudin owasi etc

4. Would rally behind the right for a couple to decide number of children they should have, take opinions of genuine women rights activists on how to change the mindset etc


Bring in Bindi Brigade and conduct farce of debate on political agenda to target only one set of leaders while turning blind eye to other communities.

Ex: Sakshi Maharaj, Sadhvi etc lynched in media. Ignored similar statements by Kerala church rewarding couples to have more kids or muslims leaders opposing birth control.

5. Journalists pick up development issues concerned for all, see all as citizens of the constituency during polls and questions of future aspirations, basic amenities.


Tour particular community ghettos and ask leading questions to incite communal reaction and make them feel its their faith that they are ignored.

Ex: During LS 2014, every "journalist" of repute was seen conducting special debates live from muslims bastis trying to set communal agenda when for the first time, politicians were talking of development after disastarous Cong govt performance.

6. Would wait for courts verdict, police investigation and then conduct objective debates or discussion. Also add to that their own responsible investigative journalism.


Conduct media trial, label people based just on allegation, peddle their own personal opinions as conclusions and then question courts.

Ex: Modi is biggest example. Media campaigned against him for 12 years relentlessly. Even when court gave clean chit, Nidhi Razdan went on to say she has rights to question Supreme Court decisions.

7. Even if reported news turned out to be false, would apologize and take responsibility.


Create farce of a debate, allow to peddle lies openly.

Ex: 10 Lac suit case of Modi. Turned out to be 7000 but all anchors allow people to get away repeating that lie.

8. Discuss the social impact of conversions, means and methods for conversion, do some justification. For all types of conversions.


Manufacture an outrage of one type of conversion while being deliberately blind to others.

Ex: Outrage on "Gharwapasi" of some 100s at max. Compare that with conversions happening in AP and TN. Missionaries who come in as tourists indulge in evangelism, which is illegal but their means include insulting hindu gods, distributing bibles and preaching in schools which is nothing less than abuse.

9. constitutional or bureaucratic appointments or an individual achievements would be assessed in light of their credibility, suitability and merit.


Highlight individuals religion, caste, affiliation etc to either induce victim hood sentiment or create boogie.

Ex: We all can see how media constantly keeps telling us individuals caste or creed like"First Muslim" president, "First Sikh" prime minister, "Muslim" chief of Intelligence Bureau , "" leader etc

Monday, December 22, 2014

Why PK is attack on Hindu culture?

First and foremost, I must disclose that I have not watched the movie and I do not intend to. I am writing this blog based on various reviews and also what story line I heard from friends who have watched the movie with great expectation. I trust them and I can not afford to contribute my hard earned money to promote what is offending and insulting to my culture.

You may at this point argue that without watching movie, how can I comment on it. Well, I am aware of the modus operandi of "secular liberal socialist communist" group. Hence I definitely can contemplate the contents of the movie. But before that, please bear with me as in next few lines I would like to lay foundation for my criticism of PK.

When people ask me if I believe in God, I usually ask them to define God. Is it some sky daddy like Abrahamic religions define or some energy or some supreme consciousness or whatever? The reason I ask this is, most often the answer is abrahamic version. With Christianity and Islam dominating the global religious discourse, their definition and view point is the standard lens through which most people see Hindu beliefs or at large pagan beliefs. It is important to understand this because root to all the moral high ground "progressive liberals" take to demean Hindu beliefs and native culture is this abrahamic world view.

"Religion" is alien to Hindu culture. The west having no word to denote Sanatana Dharma, added "ism" consolidating certain Hindu beleifs and called it "Hinduism". Like any other "ism" , its a exclusive club of beleivers and non believers are supposed to be added into the club by whatever means. Thats exactly the definition of religion. This defination is contradictory to what Sanatana Dharma preaches - Vasudaiva Kutumbakam.

Once we understand the above stated, it will be much more easier to understand why PK is cultural attack. The movie tries to scrutinize Hindu beliefs on the standards of Abrahamic religions. By doing so, it endorses the claim of these religions. The claim is  - they are the only true religion and the god of their book the only true god. If this is not attack on Hindu culture then what else is?

NDTV published on their site 5 punch lines from the movie. One of the punch line that has offended many is "People who fear go to temples". This is again trying to size up Hindu beliefs through Abrahamic lense. Unlike the God of Bible or Allah of Quran, no Hindu "God' ever threatens  to smite or to throw us in hell fire for not worshiping him. Hindu society has had many great "Bhakti" movements and there have been great devotees. Hindus go to temple out of devotion voluntarily and not because some sky daddy is threatening them and forcing them.

I understand that there is also a reference to Idol worship in the movie. PK seems to suggest that if you can directly talk to god why do you need idols?. Do note that Abrahamic religions considers idolaters are worst sinners. When you ask Hindus not to worship idols, you indirectly telling them they are committing sin. Every Hindu knows that Idols are not gods. They are mere idols and before they can be worshiped, "Pran Prathistan" has to happen. Ganesh pooja and Durga pooja celebrations clearly showcase this aspect. Yet neither the director nor the script writers cared to research this so common practice. But hey, they never intended to research or study, all they wanted to was rhetoric questions based on their ignorance and lack of understanding just to appear "progressive liberals" teaching us "sinners"/"evil doers" how to be civil.

Sadhus, Sants and Swamis have been the important custodians of our culture for thousands of years. But Bollywood movies always depict some "godman" as evil doer. This is to put into collective conscious of people that by default "godman" is evil and should never be trusted. Thus making sure these Sadhus, Sants and Swamis lose their importance and credibility. There are numerous ashrams, sadhus, sants and swamis doing great service to people. They run educational institutions, oprhanages and many more services. But all media and "liberal" Bollywood can see is few mad men and project them as "god men".

Finally, the socialist myth is repeated. Questioning the temple wealth and people donating to temples. Here again, the movie team shows lack of research or knowledge. Temples have always been cultural centers and not mere places of worship for Hindus. Numerous temples even now undertake community services, free food for devotees etc. The socialists believe that wealth redistribution by taking from rich and giving to poor will solve all poverty problems. This is the suggestion given each time a "liberal" talks about temple wealth. Only that they seem to have no answer to what next after that wealth is distributed and used up? 

A civilization of at least 3000 years has always provided reformers from with in and not from outside. We dont need people with limited world vision abrahamic faiths to teach us. The Hindu culture and society is perfectly capable of course correction itself as and when required.

Let me stop here. By now it must be clear that the agenda of the PK was never to raise awareness or important questions. It was all about ignorant greedy morons trying to rake up controversy and make money. In this foolishness, they have attacked my culture and insulted it. They have left young Hindu minds confused and induced with self loathing. They have all the creative freedom but that is no excuse to demean my culture. The very fact that there is PIL and democratic bycott calls rather than burning down the theaters is proof of the greatness of this culture. Had they attempted this with abrahamic religions, rage boys would have gone berserk on the roads. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

India Shame - My Take!

I will start this post with expressing my greatest respects and wishes for the young women who are enduring the might of the Delhi police and insensitive 
government at Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate. The gruesome incident, perpetrated by six beasts, has hit on the conscience of the nation. It is but fair I acknowledge the role of media in this. But that is the only credit I am willing to give the media.

I will come to media part later, but before that would like to talk about ambulance chasers. When media started debates, activists of all types have been ranting on the screens. People who hardly have any authority on such sensitive issues are giving sermons to the nation and just outraging doing nothing. One of the 

debates I watched was on TimesNow. Its hosted by Arnab Self Styled Justiceswami and called Newshour. The joint commissioner of police was in the show to 

present his side and provide explanations  Unfortunately, except Smriti Irani, all others were mere competing with each other to prove who can shout and 
rant more. They hardly allowed the JCP to talk. It is now very well established among aware and sane minds that NGO has become quick buck path. Gurjrat riots cottage industry is pioneer in this field. There is no accountability, audit or responsibility. If the unfortunate incident provided opportunity for media to
fight among each other for TRP's with numerous debates and endless debates tat attached nothing, it opened way for literally unknown NGOs and NGO activists to claim few seconds of their fame. Its not only the fame, it is also right time to demand more donations and funds for the organization. If all those NGO's fighting for women issues sincerely worked and adhered to their stated goals, we would have lesser women issues. 

No, this post is not to rant about what I feel about these ambulance chasers. I dont mind till they stand by the brave women expressing anger and demanding explanation by the government. But I also know that, soon as the new week starts, the mombatti brigade will be back to their normal lives satisfied they have done their bit. The NGO's will go ahead and encash the protest. Media will catch on the next big news. After Ruchika's case and about the honor killing that again outraged Delhi last year, I am confident, this incident will be given silent burial, if not now, but definitely in few days/weeks without achieving anything.

My contention is that none are debating or discussing the root causes and how such incidents can be prevented if not eliminated. Just demanding capital punishment will achieve nothing. Already, Shinde has given the statement that they will look into capital punishment for "rarest of rare cases of rape". Rape is a rape, what is rarest of the rare? Rape is the most heinous crime, about terrorism. Terrorists only kill physically. Rapists do much worse. I will not go in detail  it makes me lose my sanity. But I stress, capital punishment is not the solution. This issue should have multi fold approach. I will put forth
the same, in my limited intellect capacity, as below.

1. First and foremost, immediate police reforms should be initiated at massive scale. Each state police department should have a separate department with 
well trained staff in handling sexual assaults or women issues. The staff should be regularly given training about sensitivity of the issues. Psychologists can be roped in. 

2. Bring in a new legislation specially for women's rights. There is no teasing about "Eve Teasing". Its sexual molestation and harassment. This is the basic 
level of harassment which men indulge in and get away easily. This sows the seeds that they can get away easily by discomforting the women. This act should be made non bailable offence punishable upto 5 years rigorous imprisonment. It should be onus on the accused to prove he is innocent. Once this comes into practice, men would run 100 meters away from women with fear. Rapists should be given chemical castration and allowed to live with the similar pain till they die. For me, this fear is necessary as we have fallen to such extent that nothing less will work. Many more stringent punishment and respective actions should be part of this new bill dedicated to women of the country.

3.Social reformist movement should be started immediately by all well meaning organizations. It can be in the form of social awareness and education. It is high time this is taken on war front. Should not be limited to one or two days of mombatti fair.

4. I had suggested this on my FB as well. The youth of the area, drawn from various resident welfare associations or such, should form vigilante teams. They should patrol designated areas. Police should support them with training. The youth can at least give few nights in a month for their country and more 
importantly for their sisters/mothers/wifes/daughters. 

5. Most importantly, I am ashamed that from the land of women worshipers we have become land of rapes. We are no more the worthy inheritors of the great cultural legacy of this land. We should be ashamed. How did we fall to such depths? Time for going back to basics. Instead of deriding our cultural 
principles, we should try to understand and evolve them as per modern times. Left liberal marxists have done enough damage to the society by propagating
native principles as digression. Time to reconsider and boot the left liberals in the society out.

Comming back to the media, I was watching NDTV. That NDTV is biased for congress is not a secret anymore, but what was revealing was that it is extended arm of congress lead government much like Doordarshan. "Lumpen Elements", "Worst Protest", "Violent Protesters  etc were the words used by the NDTV reporters. When Sagarikha Ghose and Rajdeep Sardesai ( i have no love for them ),were reporting from the front lines, NDTV divas were missing. The reason is obvious, if the Diva went to the protest site, she would be booed. They were even advising parents to stop their kids from going protest sites. Of course  by citing "violent situation". Before I end, they have now named the victim as Amanat. It is nothing but "brand building". Create a brand "Amanat" and then like vultures squeeze TRPs out of it. If any self worth youth is reading this post, please I beg you, boycott NDTV! 

Lastly, my anger and frustration is still not satiated! Hope I stay sane and not troll on FB/Twitter/Blog with raw anger!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Give Closure to MSM

"Closure" is the word often used by Indian MSM. This is the word that it uses so generously. Be it hanging of Kasab or Gujrat Riots or Shaheed Saurabh Kalia. Media is at forefront of either imposing closure or demanding it. In Gujrat riots, media never seiges from asking apology from Modi. Does an apology from Modi bring closure or does the punishment of rioters? I never understood the logic of MSM in asking or demanding closure. 

Modi has on record stated that if he is found guilty, he should be hanged in public. MSM by constantly asking for apology is insulting the victims of the riots - Hindus or Muslims. Will Hitler's apology bring closure to jews? MSM should ask themselves. BTW the way Indian MSM operates, any injustice, scam or wrong doing is acceptable provided it is followed up with apology. Unfortunately, the same MSM did not demand apology from the diva Barkha Dutt for radiagate. It is immaterial that her apology would not have washer her of her sins.

MSM was hell bent on imposing closure on the nation after Kasab was hanged. The leading questions and inferences from MSM was that that now 26/11 should be closed. Why? I fail to understand. The perpetrators are roaming free and our MSM wants us to accept the closure. There were renewed questions about capital punishment by human right activists, protrayal of Kasab as innocent who was just a pawn etc. Kasab was an adult who knew what he was doing and why he was doing what he did. Yet the activists want us to be humane and understand he does not deserved to be hanged. These are the sick people. In their overactivism they forget that terrorists give middle finger to human rights when their acts of terrorism affect innocent civilians.

It is the same MSM that was so actively showcasing wrong politics of Bal Thackrey but never mentioned what he did for Kashmiri Pandits. The same pandits who were refugees in their own land and no one came forward to support them. 

I have never seen MSM take up the cause of Kashmiri Pandits but even if a single stone is thrown in Kashmir, you will have special reports running and repeating for more than a month. This is our MSM.

Never forget the love our MSM has for enemies of the nation. Imran interviews appear more often than any Indian politician. Musharraf is the one who gives lecture on leadership in India. 

It is high time the Indian public give closure to this MSM. Give them closure and let them rest in peace in their make beleive world. They do not give you news, they give you their own opinions and make you accept them without questions or scrutiny. If you question, as in social media, you are Internet Hindu or fanatic communal RSS chaddi walah!

Guess what? I am neither hindu nor RSS chaddi walah! I am nationalist who is fed up of puking everytime I come across Indian MSM debates!

Pickle for Life

I recently responded to a tweet that was parody or I can say improvisation over a well known proverb ( Pic on left ). Have a look at the tweet. Sounds familiar?

Well, the tweets were in good humor but there is much deeper meaning I wanted to convey. This tweet came as good opportunity for me to present few of my thoughts that were result of self contemplation on numerous occasions. It comes across as common cliche that one has to make lemonade when life throws lemons. The simple meaning of it is that one has to just make best use of whatever situations or circumstances one is in. It is like all other words of wisdom passed on to us - Easier said than done.

I don't believe that making lemon rice is always easy. Lemonade is simple but not lemon rice as the recipe is bit more complex. In my opinion lemon rice suits the proverb better than lemonade. Life is complex and complicated. It takes a lifetime to keep the life simple and unaffected from so many influences and factors - desired or forced. 

When we are faced with sour situations, I propose a way to make things bit endurable. There is no possibility that there have never been happy moments in one's life, immaterial of how short lived they might be. This would be our rice. Base for lemon rice is now ready. We now need to light up the stove and prepare tadka. The very will and determination to overcome your problems is necessary and this is your stove. The supply of gas to keep it burning is the constant self assertion that, like everything else, this shall pass too. Nothing is constant. Things have to change - for worse or for better. Tadka is having positive attitude. There is nothing that can not be endured with positive attitude. Hope and faith are ingredients of Tadka. 

Now all you have to do is, apply the above tadka, rice and mix up with the lemons thrown at you. I have deliberately now gone deeper in the Tadka part as the ingredients have been discussed previously here and here.

The main reason of this post is to explain my comment about snatching pickle form others. Well, everyone of us love pickle with lemon rice. It adds that zing to the taste! And you need just a little of it! 

The pickle in the tweet I am talking about is a inspiration around you. When you look around your selves, there are many examples that will assure you that this phase of darkness shall pass. If observed carefully, nature also presents enough reasons to restore your faith and hope. More importantly, indulge yourself. There will always be time and occasion to worry and panic, crib and cry, but postpone it for a while. Instead of immersing yourself in finding the solution for your never ending problems, just relax a bit and seek something that amuses you. This is the pickle you need to snatch from people and happenings around you. Everyone thinks their story is amazing. Listen to the stories. May be you will find something inspiring. If not, you can always make fun of them and feel superior that you have greater problems. Punish your mind by ignoring thoughts about your own business. Poke into others business. Its fun to be irritating. Do silly things. Things are anyways bad, you will never every get acceptable reason to get silly again. All your boundary violations will be tolerated. While you are busy doing all this crap, there is bound to be a moment that will make you realize that you can still be happy. Nothing is lost. All you need to do is, keep reminding yourself of that titillating taste of happiness.

It is this pickle , with the lemon rice that will make all the difference. Make lemon rice but don't forget the pickle. 

I have to share a very important learning from my life. It is to compartmentalize the situations, people and events in your life. Its the best way to avoid one affecting the other. Someday, I will go into details about this. But my Three Circle Theory is part of it.

Next time, you know where to find the pickle!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Bonds of School Friendship

Standing at what most probably may be mid point of my life time, I believed I have seen enough of life. After having made peace with life years ago, I thought life can neither surprise nor shock me. Well, I was wrong. Seems it still has few tricks up its sleeves.

Last couple of days, have been connecting with "chaddi dosts". Friends from school days. It has been almost 15 years. In these 15 years, world has changed a lot. Many of these friends have their own different worlds. All of us have gone through transformations. We are not what we were. Everyone is travelling in their own chosen path, and hardly anybody would have expected that these paths may cross  once again. And when they cross, boy, what a strangely wonderful feeling it is.

What is it that our hearts are filled with warmth when we come across friends from childhood? Though there may be nothing of common interest anymore, still there is that bond. I dont know how to define it in words, but it can only be realized.

I have great memories associated with my school days. Bunking the classes whole day for adventures at betta - nothing could ever give me this thrill again. Today, we comment about politics, history or any other complicated concept and theories. Back then, small gossip would be THE NEWS! Looking back, there are so many things we did, which now we may call silly and stupid. But, these very things were the  most important to do in the world. It is rightly said that the bonds formed at school last for life. You may meet after decades, but still there will be that instant spark and connection.

Bansi,Batli,Lambu,Motu,Laddo... These nick names puts smile on our faces. Immaterial of the present realities of life, worries bothering us, the school memories never fail to black out them for a while at least. Whenever I watch"Ek Do Ek Do" parade on TV or Movies, I hear only "Break Do Cake Do". Damn the NCC instructors! Like Congress, siphoned off our refreshments. I vaguely remember trip to Jog Falls, Sahsralinga etc.

As I type this post, all the good old memories are returning. So many incidents and events, some vague  and some clear. Many names and faces. Few images imprinted forever. I never thought I had these memories buried deep somewhere.

I dont think I can put them here in words. Not that I dont want to, but just that words cant explain. I just did a quick name recollection exercise.

When I started to type this post, my intention was to explore and contemplate the reasons behind the happy feeling connecting with old friends. But, now I think, I can not. May be I am rusty for having been away from blogging all these years. The main reason : I just want to feel the warmth of memories, smile and leave them at it. I dont want to spoil the fun trying to analyse or contemplate them. :) Let the innocent childhood memories be just that, innocent. There are many more things to contemplate about or crib about.

Meanwhile, to all your guys out there, a sincere THANKS!! for being part of my life and me! Thanks for all those memories. Memories that keep reminding me when low , that I have had good share of wonderful times in my life!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

PS: Click Here   for my blabber about school life posted few years back.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Diwali,Ram, Cultural history - My Take

Many people I have come across online are usually surprised to know that I am an atheist. This surprise is due to various issues/topics I comment on or talk about, which gives a perception that I am deeply religious Hindu.

I simply fail to understand why an atheist can not be proud of his cultural history or traditions of his mother land? Why does showing deep regards and respecting the cultural history be seen only from the prism of religion? As an individual born and brought up in Bharat, am I not the inheritor of great past cultural glory and history as much as say, a deeply religious hindu or muslim or sikh?

Going atheist is considered cool among the current generation. They are ready to condemn every aspect of their cultural inheritance to prove themselves atheists and most importantly secular. Never mind that need to assert their secular credentials pops up only when Hindu's or Hindu issues are involved. The credit for pseudo secularism in India should be given to Marxist historians and self declared liberal secular jholawallahs. They have confined Hindu and Hinduism to the definition of religion and separated the cultural aspect from it. This gives them liberty to slowly poison the young generation, so that they abhor their cultural identity. One must though accept that the Marxists have been largely successful.

Hindu festivals, rituals, philosophy is the cultural heritage of India. They must not be blindly condemned nor abhorred  How many of the young generation have really read Ramayana ? How many have even attempted to understand the message it conveys? How many have contemplated various values and layers inherent in Ramayana. I must say very few. And they have the audacity to casually pass remarks and their judgments?

I was shocked more at the debate conducted by Sagarikha Ghose than Ram Jetmalani. RJ has rights to have his opinions. But SG conducting a debate about Ram is nothing but covert attempt to induce a feeling of aversion  towards Ram, by polluting unsuspecting innocent minds. The amount of air time given to Kancha Ilahi, to keep on vomiting his crap gives it away.To understand relevance of Ram or contemplate his actions, one should go to learned scholars who have understanding and intellect. They are the authority to answer your questions and explain various contexts. But SG thinks, a known Hindu hater should be on panel. Would be justified if he had any contrary worthy views, but its well known that all he does is spit venom against anything Hindu. Kancha is one of the by products of sustained campaign by Marxists,  who live in their self made hateland. Though AIT has long been given silent burial, these hate mongers keep repeating it for whatever reasons! I recently read that students in Osmania University organised mourning of killing of Narkasur by Satya Bhama. Surely, Kancha and their ilk have successfully brainwashed thousands if not lakhs of ignorant and innocent minds.

Coming back to the debate conducted by SG, she should be thankful that Hindus have become so pathetically poisoned that they are willing to take every abuse and insult thrown at them. The timing of the debate (Diwali eve) and the way it was conducted oozes out pure hate for anything associated with Hindu.

Ram is a cultural icon for many like me. He may not be god for me. Ramayana has to be understood in its whole context, rather than few events. The people who call his bad husband for asking sita to go through "agni pariksh" fail to see his "ek patni vrath", his love for sita for which he waged war against mighty Ravana, his pain,anguish and suffering for making sita leave to forest etc. The questions raised by new generation pundits, feminists and all and sundry have been answered in Ramayana itself, if one cares to put some efforts and use few grey cells of their brain.

I have always held the view that dharma granthas that we have inherited have a lot to teach to human beings - religious god fearing or atheist. One need not be only a Hindu to take away from Bhagvad Gita some crucial life lessons. 

To comprehend and articulate the philosophy of these grantha's one need to invest some efforts and should have the ability to contemplate. But as with everything else, self styled modernists and "educated" are too lazy to even attempt but too eager to judge.

During Karva Chauth, SG conducted a debate and raised the question if it was regressive. I mean what the heck! The reporters went on annoyingly asking women celebrating the festival, if they want their husbands to similarly keep fast for them. To keep the fast or not , to observe the festival or not is an individual decision. I failed to understand how the traditional festivals become regressive? It is nothing but another attempt to deny the new generation their culture.

And lastly all this noise about eco Diwali! Diwali without crackers!! Do they really believe Diwali will be Diwali without crackers? All this talk about environment, air and noise pollution etc is bunkum  The same jhollawallahs and suddenly enlightened environment conscious souls should go back to cave days and stop using modern amenities. They want to kill joy out of family  celebration of Diwali  For me, even now like in childhood, the only reason to look forward for Diwali is to fire those crackers! 

Saw a report in a TVchannel about some moron going around in Bangalore asking people not to use banana leaves/shoots for festivals. Seriously! are you kidding me? Which festival in south of India is complete without banana leaves? The reason given was that lot of garbage was piling up in Bangalore. Well this is nothing new. Every festival, many farmers and villagers around Bangalore make an attempt at extra income by selling banana leaves, flowers and other such things needed for pooja. Many pavements are crowded with such part time sellers. Most of the times, the stock is too much and they leave that on the pavements. But dont we pay tax to government for exactly doing their job of keeping city clean? Instead of pressurizing the civic authorities to do their job, this moron wants people to compromise their traditional way of celebration. These self styled activists or whatever you call them,  lack even a iota of intelligence that banana leaves are bio degradable!! What they call as garbage actually can be used as fertilizer in farms. Now ask these idiots about various non biodegradable items they use daily in their life? If only I could send them back to caves!

The attack on Indian culture and its traditions is not something that started recently. It started from the first invasion by Mohammad Bin Qasim. The very fact that Sagarika can allow the insult and abuse to Ram on national television is sign of the confidence jhollawallahs and pseudo seculars have, of not being retaliated or punished. 

It is high time, Indian's start taking back their glorious culture from the hands of Marxists  But then I have not much hopes as any attempt to even understand dharmic granths will be seen as communal and untouchable! 

The land of great Aryas, Rishis, the land that gave great dharmic principles and values, the land of cultural continuity for thousands of years is under siege  The people who should be protecting the cultural identity and take pride in their priceless inheritance are the same people who are killing it!