Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Give Closure to MSM

"Closure" is the word often used by Indian MSM. This is the word that it uses so generously. Be it hanging of Kasab or Gujrat Riots or Shaheed Saurabh Kalia. Media is at forefront of either imposing closure or demanding it. In Gujrat riots, media never seiges from asking apology from Modi. Does an apology from Modi bring closure or does the punishment of rioters? I never understood the logic of MSM in asking or demanding closure. 

Modi has on record stated that if he is found guilty, he should be hanged in public. MSM by constantly asking for apology is insulting the victims of the riots - Hindus or Muslims. Will Hitler's apology bring closure to jews? MSM should ask themselves. BTW the way Indian MSM operates, any injustice, scam or wrong doing is acceptable provided it is followed up with apology. Unfortunately, the same MSM did not demand apology from the diva Barkha Dutt for radiagate. It is immaterial that her apology would not have washer her of her sins.

MSM was hell bent on imposing closure on the nation after Kasab was hanged. The leading questions and inferences from MSM was that that now 26/11 should be closed. Why? I fail to understand. The perpetrators are roaming free and our MSM wants us to accept the closure. There were renewed questions about capital punishment by human right activists, protrayal of Kasab as innocent who was just a pawn etc. Kasab was an adult who knew what he was doing and why he was doing what he did. Yet the activists want us to be humane and understand he does not deserved to be hanged. These are the sick people. In their overactivism they forget that terrorists give middle finger to human rights when their acts of terrorism affect innocent civilians.

It is the same MSM that was so actively showcasing wrong politics of Bal Thackrey but never mentioned what he did for Kashmiri Pandits. The same pandits who were refugees in their own land and no one came forward to support them. 

I have never seen MSM take up the cause of Kashmiri Pandits but even if a single stone is thrown in Kashmir, you will have special reports running and repeating for more than a month. This is our MSM.

Never forget the love our MSM has for enemies of the nation. Imran interviews appear more often than any Indian politician. Musharraf is the one who gives lecture on leadership in India. 

It is high time the Indian public give closure to this MSM. Give them closure and let them rest in peace in their make beleive world. They do not give you news, they give you their own opinions and make you accept them without questions or scrutiny. If you question, as in social media, you are Internet Hindu or fanatic communal RSS chaddi walah!

Guess what? I am neither hindu nor RSS chaddi walah! I am nationalist who is fed up of puking everytime I come across Indian MSM debates!

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