Saturday, December 22, 2012

India Shame - My Take!

I will start this post with expressing my greatest respects and wishes for the young women who are enduring the might of the Delhi police and insensitive 
government at Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate. The gruesome incident, perpetrated by six beasts, has hit on the conscience of the nation. It is but fair I acknowledge the role of media in this. But that is the only credit I am willing to give the media.

I will come to media part later, but before that would like to talk about ambulance chasers. When media started debates, activists of all types have been ranting on the screens. People who hardly have any authority on such sensitive issues are giving sermons to the nation and just outraging doing nothing. One of the 

debates I watched was on TimesNow. Its hosted by Arnab Self Styled Justiceswami and called Newshour. The joint commissioner of police was in the show to 

present his side and provide explanations  Unfortunately, except Smriti Irani, all others were mere competing with each other to prove who can shout and 
rant more. They hardly allowed the JCP to talk. It is now very well established among aware and sane minds that NGO has become quick buck path. Gurjrat riots cottage industry is pioneer in this field. There is no accountability, audit or responsibility. If the unfortunate incident provided opportunity for media to
fight among each other for TRP's with numerous debates and endless debates tat attached nothing, it opened way for literally unknown NGOs and NGO activists to claim few seconds of their fame. Its not only the fame, it is also right time to demand more donations and funds for the organization. If all those NGO's fighting for women issues sincerely worked and adhered to their stated goals, we would have lesser women issues. 

No, this post is not to rant about what I feel about these ambulance chasers. I dont mind till they stand by the brave women expressing anger and demanding explanation by the government. But I also know that, soon as the new week starts, the mombatti brigade will be back to their normal lives satisfied they have done their bit. The NGO's will go ahead and encash the protest. Media will catch on the next big news. After Ruchika's case and about the honor killing that again outraged Delhi last year, I am confident, this incident will be given silent burial, if not now, but definitely in few days/weeks without achieving anything.

My contention is that none are debating or discussing the root causes and how such incidents can be prevented if not eliminated. Just demanding capital punishment will achieve nothing. Already, Shinde has given the statement that they will look into capital punishment for "rarest of rare cases of rape". Rape is a rape, what is rarest of the rare? Rape is the most heinous crime, about terrorism. Terrorists only kill physically. Rapists do much worse. I will not go in detail  it makes me lose my sanity. But I stress, capital punishment is not the solution. This issue should have multi fold approach. I will put forth
the same, in my limited intellect capacity, as below.

1. First and foremost, immediate police reforms should be initiated at massive scale. Each state police department should have a separate department with 
well trained staff in handling sexual assaults or women issues. The staff should be regularly given training about sensitivity of the issues. Psychologists can be roped in. 

2. Bring in a new legislation specially for women's rights. There is no teasing about "Eve Teasing". Its sexual molestation and harassment. This is the basic 
level of harassment which men indulge in and get away easily. This sows the seeds that they can get away easily by discomforting the women. This act should be made non bailable offence punishable upto 5 years rigorous imprisonment. It should be onus on the accused to prove he is innocent. Once this comes into practice, men would run 100 meters away from women with fear. Rapists should be given chemical castration and allowed to live with the similar pain till they die. For me, this fear is necessary as we have fallen to such extent that nothing less will work. Many more stringent punishment and respective actions should be part of this new bill dedicated to women of the country.

3.Social reformist movement should be started immediately by all well meaning organizations. It can be in the form of social awareness and education. It is high time this is taken on war front. Should not be limited to one or two days of mombatti fair.

4. I had suggested this on my FB as well. The youth of the area, drawn from various resident welfare associations or such, should form vigilante teams. They should patrol designated areas. Police should support them with training. The youth can at least give few nights in a month for their country and more 
importantly for their sisters/mothers/wifes/daughters. 

5. Most importantly, I am ashamed that from the land of women worshipers we have become land of rapes. We are no more the worthy inheritors of the great cultural legacy of this land. We should be ashamed. How did we fall to such depths? Time for going back to basics. Instead of deriding our cultural 
principles, we should try to understand and evolve them as per modern times. Left liberal marxists have done enough damage to the society by propagating
native principles as digression. Time to reconsider and boot the left liberals in the society out.

Comming back to the media, I was watching NDTV. That NDTV is biased for congress is not a secret anymore, but what was revealing was that it is extended arm of congress lead government much like Doordarshan. "Lumpen Elements", "Worst Protest", "Violent Protesters  etc were the words used by the NDTV reporters. When Sagarikha Ghose and Rajdeep Sardesai ( i have no love for them ),were reporting from the front lines, NDTV divas were missing. The reason is obvious, if the Diva went to the protest site, she would be booed. They were even advising parents to stop their kids from going protest sites. Of course  by citing "violent situation". Before I end, they have now named the victim as Amanat. It is nothing but "brand building". Create a brand "Amanat" and then like vultures squeeze TRPs out of it. If any self worth youth is reading this post, please I beg you, boycott NDTV! 

Lastly, my anger and frustration is still not satiated! Hope I stay sane and not troll on FB/Twitter/Blog with raw anger!