Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pickle for Life

I recently responded to a tweet that was parody or I can say improvisation over a well known proverb ( Pic on left ). Have a look at the tweet. Sounds familiar?

Well, the tweets were in good humor but there is much deeper meaning I wanted to convey. This tweet came as good opportunity for me to present few of my thoughts that were result of self contemplation on numerous occasions. It comes across as common cliche that one has to make lemonade when life throws lemons. The simple meaning of it is that one has to just make best use of whatever situations or circumstances one is in. It is like all other words of wisdom passed on to us - Easier said than done.

I don't believe that making lemon rice is always easy. Lemonade is simple but not lemon rice as the recipe is bit more complex. In my opinion lemon rice suits the proverb better than lemonade. Life is complex and complicated. It takes a lifetime to keep the life simple and unaffected from so many influences and factors - desired or forced. 

When we are faced with sour situations, I propose a way to make things bit endurable. There is no possibility that there have never been happy moments in one's life, immaterial of how short lived they might be. This would be our rice. Base for lemon rice is now ready. We now need to light up the stove and prepare tadka. The very will and determination to overcome your problems is necessary and this is your stove. The supply of gas to keep it burning is the constant self assertion that, like everything else, this shall pass too. Nothing is constant. Things have to change - for worse or for better. Tadka is having positive attitude. There is nothing that can not be endured with positive attitude. Hope and faith are ingredients of Tadka. 

Now all you have to do is, apply the above tadka, rice and mix up with the lemons thrown at you. I have deliberately now gone deeper in the Tadka part as the ingredients have been discussed previously here and here.

The main reason of this post is to explain my comment about snatching pickle form others. Well, everyone of us love pickle with lemon rice. It adds that zing to the taste! And you need just a little of it! 

The pickle in the tweet I am talking about is a inspiration around you. When you look around your selves, there are many examples that will assure you that this phase of darkness shall pass. If observed carefully, nature also presents enough reasons to restore your faith and hope. More importantly, indulge yourself. There will always be time and occasion to worry and panic, crib and cry, but postpone it for a while. Instead of immersing yourself in finding the solution for your never ending problems, just relax a bit and seek something that amuses you. This is the pickle you need to snatch from people and happenings around you. Everyone thinks their story is amazing. Listen to the stories. May be you will find something inspiring. If not, you can always make fun of them and feel superior that you have greater problems. Punish your mind by ignoring thoughts about your own business. Poke into others business. Its fun to be irritating. Do silly things. Things are anyways bad, you will never every get acceptable reason to get silly again. All your boundary violations will be tolerated. While you are busy doing all this crap, there is bound to be a moment that will make you realize that you can still be happy. Nothing is lost. All you need to do is, keep reminding yourself of that titillating taste of happiness.

It is this pickle , with the lemon rice that will make all the difference. Make lemon rice but don't forget the pickle. 

I have to share a very important learning from my life. It is to compartmentalize the situations, people and events in your life. Its the best way to avoid one affecting the other. Someday, I will go into details about this. But my Three Circle Theory is part of it.

Next time, you know where to find the pickle!!

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