Friday, February 13, 2015

If Indian media and its the parasites in its eco system were"Secular" and "Progressive Liberals"

If Indian media and its the parasites in its eco system were"Secular" and "Progressive Liberals" -

1. Media opinion polls and other survey would focus on voters needs and priorities, voting patterns of various financial classes. Parties that are addressing these concerns their speeches, deeds etc.


On caste, religion lines showing which community voting for whom. Then debate nonsense for hours.

Ex: This really does not need example. anybody who has seen poll debates know it.

2. Would debate and report with sole focus only on candidates profile, promises, credibility and plans for thier individual constituencies.


Asking parties how many candidates of which community are in fray and going into farce of "representation" or "inclusive of communities".

Ex: For every election media asks how many "muslim" or "dalit" candidates BJP has fielded.

3. Would ponder over why politicians make absurd remarks , why audiences lap it up, what is social issue, how this should be condemned and not encouraged with social scientists, other intellectuals avoiding political party spokespersons


Pick a particular party or community leader, abuse that community in general, increase TRP with tu tu - main main  meanwhile ignoring and totally turning blind similar utterances of another communities.

Ex: Lynch bjp leaders (deserved for stupid remarks) meanwhile ignore and mention in passing akbarudding owasi, assaudin owasi etc

4. Would rally behind the right for a couple to decide number of children they should have, take opinions of genuine women rights activists on how to change the mindset etc


Bring in Bindi Brigade and conduct farce of debate on political agenda to target only one set of leaders while turning blind eye to other communities.

Ex: Sakshi Maharaj, Sadhvi etc lynched in media. Ignored similar statements by Kerala church rewarding couples to have more kids or muslims leaders opposing birth control.

5. Journalists pick up development issues concerned for all, see all as citizens of the constituency during polls and questions of future aspirations, basic amenities.


Tour particular community ghettos and ask leading questions to incite communal reaction and make them feel its their faith that they are ignored.

Ex: During LS 2014, every "journalist" of repute was seen conducting special debates live from muslims bastis trying to set communal agenda when for the first time, politicians were talking of development after disastarous Cong govt performance.

6. Would wait for courts verdict, police investigation and then conduct objective debates or discussion. Also add to that their own responsible investigative journalism.


Conduct media trial, label people based just on allegation, peddle their own personal opinions as conclusions and then question courts.

Ex: Modi is biggest example. Media campaigned against him for 12 years relentlessly. Even when court gave clean chit, Nidhi Razdan went on to say she has rights to question Supreme Court decisions.

7. Even if reported news turned out to be false, would apologize and take responsibility.


Create farce of a debate, allow to peddle lies openly.

Ex: 10 Lac suit case of Modi. Turned out to be 7000 but all anchors allow people to get away repeating that lie.

8. Discuss the social impact of conversions, means and methods for conversion, do some justification. For all types of conversions.


Manufacture an outrage of one type of conversion while being deliberately blind to others.

Ex: Outrage on "Gharwapasi" of some 100s at max. Compare that with conversions happening in AP and TN. Missionaries who come in as tourists indulge in evangelism, which is illegal but their means include insulting hindu gods, distributing bibles and preaching in schools which is nothing less than abuse.

9. constitutional or bureaucratic appointments or an individual achievements would be assessed in light of their credibility, suitability and merit.


Highlight individuals religion, caste, affiliation etc to either induce victim hood sentiment or create boogie.

Ex: We all can see how media constantly keeps telling us individuals caste or creed like"First Muslim" president, "First Sikh" prime minister, "Muslim" chief of Intelligence Bureau , "" leader etc

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