Monday, February 11, 2008

Questions gallore.

"Aa Re baith. Bahut busy hai kya. Aatha ich nai" Chachi welcomed me as i entered the house. It had been months i had visited. Ramzan was the last occasion. I called my friends mother chachi. She was a woman in her late 40s and very religious. I seldom missed ramzan at my friend’s house for the sheer love of shirkumba.

"Sajid nahi hai chachi" I enquired. "Nai re. pata nai ba tum bache logan kya kya karte rahte. koun ki aaya tha. 5 minute mein aatun bolku fazar gaya bhi lauta nahi. Chai le." She said handing me the cup of tea.

"Chapalan ke saath kya khelta re tu. muchku baith" She scolded sajids younger brother. He was very naughty and active kid. He seemed to have loads of energy which was always evident except while he was asleep. "Aur bata. Tera computeran ka buziness kaisa hai"

I told her it was going fine except few defaulters which had put me in trouble and in that connection i wanted to meet sajid. "Duniya buri hai. Zindagi mein ek ich baat ka khayal karna. Allah sab dekta. Bura karega bura hoga. tu nek aur saaf reh sab teek hoga. aur logan ka jaldi bharosa kar nakko." She adviced. I nodded in agreement. Principal of karma is universal truth. I heared from her what my dal always says. Life is like a boomerang. What you throw at others will get back to you.

I bid farewell,put on my shoes and started walking in the narrow lane. I could hear cries of that kid. I was sure chachi had taken deciplinary action on him. Sometimes over active children need such deciplinary action.

As i was walking through the lane i was thinking of what chachi had told earlier. "Don’t trust people easily." these words were echoing in my ears. I had read some where that TRUST is the basis of all relationships and without it relationships just RUST.

What makes us trust people? Their looks. Their personality. Their words. Their background. What is it? Looks can deceive. People normally pretend to be what they truly are not. Any person can acquire spoken skills. Good family background dosent mean they have all the characteristics of their ancestors. Then what? I have never been able to set the parameters to find out if a person is trustable or not. I cant do that. Everytime i try to do that i fail. I feel it has to do with circumstances. Each person reacts to situations differently.

Trait of trusting develops in the human being with time and experience. Again "TIME" and "EXPERIENCE" are two things that are common denominators for most of the human instincts. My friends and family say i trust all and sundry. But my experience has not given me a reason not to do so. Again when we say life is like a boomerang doesn’t it include even trust. Ror that matter all feelings. You hate somebody , you get hated. You love, you will be loved ( ok for all the one side lovers.. be happy at least you are not hated as well). You trust , and you will be trusted. People trust me. Coz i trust them.

There are numerous sayings from the elders which usually contradict. But believe me they all have some meaning. As i said earlier everything seems to be dependent on circumstances. In every circumstance you wil have to apply the correct rule. Knowing which rule to apply is knowing how to live happily. But we are most of the times confused. Each person creates his own rules and policies based on his/her personal experiences over a period of time.

I was so much immersed in these thoughts that i did not notice when i reached auto stand. "Vinobhanagar??" "20 rupai". I got into auto and headed towards my home. Did not i trust the driver to take me home safe. Did not he trust me to get fair deal for the ride?

Life is like that. There are somethings you should not just think about. The more you try to find answers the more questions you will be faced with. Be true to yourself and follow your instincts.

As chachi said. Everything else will be taken care of by the almighty. Again what makes us trust or believe in him? Never ending questions.

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