Sunday, February 10, 2008

Better Bangalore

Last Friday while returning back from office i was immersed in FM radio as usual. I heard a commercial which asked bangaloreans to come up with suggestions to improve Bangalore. I have taken it as a personal challenge as a responsible citizen that i am, i spent my weekend contemplating and here I am with few suggestions.

1. Provide all bangloreans with life jackets. Funds for this can be routed from all the expenditure that the BMP wastes on up keeping drainages. No matter what the BMP does, there will always be water logging. Life jackets will enable the citizens swim across to their homes/office with out getting drowned. Infact this kind of water sports can be made a tourist attraction.

2. Remove the time limits for all pubs, bars and discos so that citizens are not forced to get on the roads drunken by 11.30. By allowing the party to last whole night there wont be many reckless drunken driving cases nor any accidents.

3. Declare all walkways as parking lots. This will put an end to parking problems. Anyways not many use walkways. People are happy using the roads and performing stunts to cross them. Bangaloreans are courageous.

4. Invite Blue Lines to run buses in Bangalore. It has dual advantage. Will reduce population as well as decongest the roads.

5. Another way to decongest the roads is to remove all one ways and speed restrictions. Let people drive into one another and kill themselves. Adventure loving people can enroll with auto wallahas and cab drivers.

6. If any political party wants to hold a rally or strike, pack them in a bus and send to Bannerghata Park. And just pray all the elephants get adventurous and decide to have marathon.

This is my six point agenda. And let me tell you these are patented suggestions. Don’t try to copy.

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