Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pray for me.

Whether to go for a while loop or use a recursive function. While loop could fix two bugs but again one bug would stand exposed. Recursive function would solve one but the other two were exposed.I was in a fix. While i was immersed in these bugs ( they really bite hard ) i did not notice that it was more than 30 mts the train had not moved. I was sitting at the window seat in Amravati express going from Hubli to Bellary and the train had halted at Hospet. Under normal circumstances it would not have halted for more than 5 mts.

Unmindful of the dealy i continued staring at my papers and was writing down iterations and values that were expected at each iteration. But could not concentrate and thought i would better get down and get a coffee to relax usually overworked brain cells. As i got down i saw a group of people standing near the entrance of another compartment and murmuring. There were few constables which made me curious. As i walked towards the crowd i could figure out a old man sleeping on the platform. He was well dressed. Pure white Dhoti and Khadi Shirt. He must be in 80s.Few feet from him was a beautiful old lady sitting. Her expression seemed to tell me that she was not sure what was going on.

I pushed myself through the crowd to have a closer look. Then i asked a dark fellow beside me what happend."Peedainki heart attack vacchindi. Seat lone poyadu." - "Oldman suffered heart attack. He passed away." I saw at that old lady. Guess he sensed what was on my mind and voluntarily told me that poor lady (of course beautiful) was not informed. There were no relatives with them. Old couples were travelling alone. Somebody from railways had already informed their eldest son.

I stood there for few minutes thinking of what might be going through that grand lady’s mind. I felt she wanted not to trust her mind. She knew what was going on. But her heart was refusing to believe and no body dared to tell her that. I heard a long whistle and knew it was time to leave. All the people hurried towards their compartments. I too entered mine and sat the most favored window seat. I could see the old lady crying, no body around them except few constables through the window. Unknowingly a prayer came out of my breath to give her strength enough to tackle the situation. I looked at my papers but could not concentrate.

Client was furious. I had promised him solution 2 days back. and now i was seated before him with out one. After some cajoling he agreed extend time for one more day. I came out of the office and called up a friend. I told him abt my experience with client and that elusive solution. After a while we said good luck to each other and disconnected. Before disconnecting he said "I will pray for u."
After a lot of struggle i could find the solution at 3 am. No i did not use while loop nor recursive function. I changed the whole logic from scratch. When I felt bit relaxed and lighted my faithful white stick. I remembered those words “I will pray for you."

I am not sure weather it was that prayer that helped me. But when we see our dear ones suffering and in trouble we say we will pray for them. why do we do that? In Hum Tumpe Marte hain at climax shakti says "We often believe we are traveling alone but we forget that wishes and prayers of our loved ones always follow us."

I realized that was true. I don’t lose anything by praying but of course I feel light that may be the almighty will listen to my prayers.

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