Monday, February 11, 2008

Saare Zameen Par

There has been lot of talk going around about Tare Zameen Par. No not about the brilliant performance by various actors nor the script. Its about how it had made people moist eyed. Few days back i heard in Radio City that according to a survey 7 out of 10 people had their eyes wet watching Tare Zameen Par. Fortunately i am one of the three left. I have always beleived people doing survey were aliens. They throw up statistics and results on some absurd calculations.

Well i will expose their modus operandi some time again. Staying with Tare Zameen Par, rumour has it that Ekta Kapoor is planning to sue Amir Khan for making people cry. She beleives that she is the only one who has the right to do it and i sincerely support her. I actually dont support or spread rumours. Its just that sometimes i create them.

I am fed up of people asking me if i watched Tare Zameen Par and then that dreaded question that follows.

"Didnt you feel like crying? I almost broke down." and then the super emotional species stares at me, expecting me to answer in agreement. For him its obvious. For me its ridiculous. I get confused in that situation. I dont want to be seen as un-emotional stone hearted cruel guy nor do i want to lie.

"While watching i did not. But now whenever some one asks my eyes get moist." I answer diplomatically. The emotional fan is happy and walks off thinking i realised the emotional quotient in the movie late. I succeed.

Crying has become a national obsession and easy way to show you care. Mr Advani would not have got as much publicity riding on the rath, as accepting he cried during a premeier. And again the source is Tare Zameen Par. People shed tears for a brief moment and then forget.

All these people who talk about emotional appeal of the movie are missing something. I wonder why dont they show same feelings when encountered with similar cases in real world. Because in reel world they can shet two tears and forget but they seem to be too busy in real world.

I have seen so many people wasting food. The same people who take pride in being counted among the 7 tear-shedding-emotional-responsible citizens. When they waste food , dont they remember the skinny child begging at the signal? When a person in his prime age, almost near to death is lying on the road, the same people pass him with out a second look. All of these people talk about how child labour is affecting the country and are happy to yell " Chote do chai la...". No i dont mean you go out and raise the banners. No need for you to go an dharna and morch sprees. But just spare a moment and try to change your lifestyle so as to do wotever you can. Or do you need Mr Khan to direct a movie for that? Well even then i suppose most of us will just shed a tear, show our emotional side and forget. We are so perfect with that.

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deepa nadagouda said...

I cried while watching this movie.