Monday, February 11, 2008

Got the point!

She was stroking her silky brown hairs and animatedly talking to a guy sitting beside her. She had fair complexion and beautiful dark eyes. The guy had muscular body but lacked in complexion. I could figure out they were kids from well to do family. The girl was conscious of my interest.

"Stop staring, bhaiya", chotu said in low voice. To be frank people have always misunderstood my observing to be staring. I could never really understand the difference. I looked at chotu. She was busy with her coke.I could not stop myself from having another glance at the girl. She seemed to be ordering something. Looking at the face of waiter i knew she had ordered everything that was available in the restaurant. What surprised me was that the guy was smiling ear to ear. But i guess he was more than happy to display his power of paisa to the girl and exhibit his love by getting her anything she would like to. "You started again. I am telling you that’s not good manners".

Now how do i explain chotu that appreciating the beauty of nature with looks is in itself an art ( boys master this easily). How i wished i was alone. Meanwhile our biryani was served. We had ordered for "Mutton biryani with extra meat" thinking it would be enough for two, but unfortunately it could easily fill 4 hungry stomachs. We both looked at each other knowing very well that we had a huge task on our hands.

"Mera project khatam ho gaya hai. Agle monday se exams shuru ho rahe hain..". I dont know what she was rumbling. I was busy practising my art. The table was filled with kababs, tandoori and chicken drumsticks. These kids from well to do family might have been hungry for decades i thought. Before they could finish the snacks, mutton biryani was placed on their table. "Aapko kya lagtha hai muje kya karna chahiye?" " Bhaiya ". I looked at chotu puzzeled. God knows what she was talking about. "Jo tumhe acha lage" i said. Felt proud for that smart answer.

For next 20 minutes chotu made sure i never glanced at that girl. She kept on bowling questions at me. Some how i managed to give another shot at that gal. But by now they were gone. All the food was on the table. I thought might be some emergency has forced them to abandon their food and leave. I was disappointed. "Parcel the remaining". Chotu was ordering the waiter. We paid our bill and came out of the restaurant.

As i tried to take my bike off from the parking i could see the same couple enjoying ice creams at the apposite icecream parlour. Some thing deep inside hurt me.

All the way during my ride i was thinking about this incident. How could two young and so called empowered youth waste such a huge amount of food. Yes they have paisa power but they dont have the right to waste food like that. There was no question of food being not tasty. Everybody in the hotel seemed to love the food there. It was getting to my head and i could already feel myself bit frustrated. "Chotu lets take a break." I said and stopped at next dabba angadi. As i lighted my faithful white stick i saw the parcel in chotu’s hand. This gal was also from a well to do family. She could afford anything in life. But she knew the value of food. And as a matter of fact she is one of the most matured girl I have come across.

Friends, how many of us have wasted food like that. On how many occasions have we ignored the basic rule of "Dont waste food" from anceint time. We break that rule with ignorance and most of the times with arrogance. Its a request. Please give a thought.

Few days back i had been to one of my friends wedding. While having the usual dinner i had this idea. Wedding day is one of the most memorable days in each and every persons life. So why dont we make it more special for ourselves and other less fortunate souls.

Here is the idea. As most of you might be planing about your wedding please include the small task of inviting little kids from your nearest orphanage. At least 10. You dont have to do anything speacial. Just invite them for dinner. In return you will get blessings from the little angels.

The above story is part fiction. I apologize for that. I have been writing facts and i am not ashamed today to use fiction to raise a point.

Got the point???

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