Monday, February 11, 2008


According to scientists there are only two states of mind. Conscious and Subconscious. But scientists have over the centuries failed to recognize the third state which is in existence since the days we fought for fruits on the trees. It has not been given a official scientific name but i like to call it Mixacious. This is the state of your mind when you have two pegs down your throat. Everything in this state of mind ( and body ) is extreme. You are either totally at peace with yourself or Angry about even the hair on your elbow. You are either totally frustrated or so hopeful that you bet your A__ on Bermuda winning against Australia.

There is one important factor in this sate which i suppose is more common. Its logical thinking. Well i am not sure if a person can really "think" in Mixacious state though. Once i overheard a conversation which went like this

A : Why are you suddenly so angry?

B (Who was listening to Radio city 91.1 Fm.) : These radio city people are illogical and utter nonsense.

A : What happened?

B (Downing his 7th Peg) : They say "Wake up with Vasanthi. Every morning..."

A : So. What’s wrong with it?

B : How will i wake up with Vasanthi when i sleep with my wife????

My sympathies with the poor fellow. Then there are people who get into never ending stories about their ex from the first peg till they pass out. I had one such experience with a guy who was heart broken recently. "You know what she did? She is such a Bi..." He would follow up this line with a silly story. At the end of it all he never told me what she did. Later another guy told me it had something to do with Raksha Bandhan.

People who use the four letter word in every sentence are also quite common. I am not talking about Shit. And if these people are with the kind who think logically then. Sample this.

A : My TL is F____g Smart. i tell you..

B (surprised) To C : It never occured to me you have to be smart to F___!

A : I have never seen such a big A__ ___e in my life... really..

B to C : How many A__ ___es has he seen you suppose?

c : I doubt if he has seen his own.

B : You mean you have seen your own???

C : F___ You!!

B : Wots wrong with you guys. Never mind. Pass me vodka...

"I am really in love this time. This is true love". Standard declaration by a kid who has found his ideal girl for the n'th time. "Enjoy guys. Bill is on me." He celebrates. Two weeks later you will find him at the same table with the same friends. And of course bill is again on him. But only this time its the mourning of his failed love.

Sometimes overcome by the emotions these kids try to contact their love interests. Some send SMS. Some try to call. Most often, friends just enjoy their drinks not bothering much. Once a guy sent a SMS to his love interest at 1 AM, which read like this

"i love u very much. you did not accept me. but still i love u so much. i am hurt. don’t know what to do. Going mad. cant leave with out you. love you. please. please. Aceept me"

And the reply from the girl was simple

"thanks for letting me know you even booze. One more reason why i cant accept you."

And going by the traditions the guy was back at his table next day evening.

Mixacious is the state when you let out your deepest fears. Talk about most memorable moments. Some of the most memorable moments are on the table (not literally). Being mixacious brings out a new person altogether. Its when you try to escape from the real and cruel world. You own the world. You make new promises. Never mind past promises are forgotten. You set new goals. Next morning you forget what was the goal about. You talk to your ex. Then get surprised by her current BFs call in the morning. You owe to kill your friend. Next morning you find yourself comfortably sleeping on his sofa. You talk about your new found love. "was it priya or preeti i was talking about?" You are not sure when your friends ask at breakfast.

List is endless. And so are the human emotions and his/her ways to escape the real world.

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Mike Russell said...

You display interesting ways of thinking about language...

I like your 'Mixacious' definition, but tell me, what would you make of "Auracious" and "Igrasible"?