Sunday, February 10, 2008

Paapi Pet

"Paapi Pet". I always wondered why stomach is called "paapi". It must have surely been coined by someone who's stomach was not happy with him/her and stayed "upset" for days at most inappropriate times. I also had the privilege of having witnessed the power of pet when it gets paapi. Before your minds start processing let me assure you that i was fortunate enough to miss its wrath. J
I normally don’t eat at PG. Its not that food served is bad, every PG mate seems to relish the food, Its just that i like spicy food and Spicy items are banned in PG. But 5 years of eating outside has taken its toll. Now i really don’t find Chicken Kholapuri and zeera rice tasty anymore. Nor am i interested in trying out different cuisines.
One fine day i decided to give my taste buds a treat and take the risk of cooking. Well it surely was a risk. In IT field its a well known fact that Decision making and Design is easy but hard and painful part is implementation. After deciding that i will cook for myself i was looking at my options. What would i cook? Being lazy that i am i was not looking at complicated dishes. (Even mixing onions with zeera and roasting till they get brownish is also complicated for me. ) I remembered one particular favorite of mine which my mom used to prepare. I call it "Mirchi Tamato Spicy Chutney". What is it actually called? Will ask mom and let you know.
Well now i asked satish to clean up onions, green chillies, tamatos and slice them into small peices. Satish is our PG official assistant cook cum helper cum transporter cum laundry guy. He is perfect example of Jack of all trades Master of none. And yes did i tell you he is my pakka shishya?. After slicing the ingredients they had to be roasted in the oil for some time. I tried to light up the gas but failed. Lighting white sticks is lot easier than Gas Stove. How do gals manage it i wonder. Out of courtesy staish lighted the stove, placed that round shaped tool on it. Seriously by god i don’t know what it is called. Poured little oil and started roasting the ingredients. After a while i asked him to switch off the gas and load the Mixer with ingredients along with some salt and garlic. When we took out the ingredients it smelled great. Our experiment was in front of us. It was a shade of red and i instantly felt proud at my achievement.
Before i could indulge myself in my creation the cell phone rang. It always does in the most unexpected times. Aravind had come to Basaveshwaranagar and was waiting for me at Horizon. Captains orders so i had to go unwillingly. and Now i dont regret that.
At horizon we had a great time together and by the time i got back home it was 1 a.m. I remembered my creation and went straight into kitchen to check bt none was left. Feeling sad went to sleep with heavy heart. Next day morning by the time i woke up there was lot halla in the PG. Every body was asking how i manage to cook that chutney. I fell good and proud but their eyes were saying something else. I was confused and headed straight toward balcony with my white stick. Satish came to me and requested not to venture into kitchen territory again cause it was not worth it. I later learnt that all the poor souls who were depraved of spicy food for long had indulged bit heavily on my creation and on an average each guy had visited toilet at least 3 times in the morning.
I could not control myself from laughing. But surely i would have loved to taste it. Spicy is not problem for me. Infact each cell in my blood is spicy enough to kill 1000 enemies ( copied from some telugu movie).
"Paapi Pet". Yes when you indulge it more than it can take. After all isn’t life that way. It’s not fair nor is it unfair. Depends on how you make your rules. Fairness for you might seem unfair for others.
Visited home next week and came to know original recipe from mom. I didn’t dare to try it again.

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