Monday, February 11, 2008


Once in while i shower my crazy philosophies on my PG damager, sitting in the balcony enjoying cold night breeze. During one such routine discussion a few days back i was talking about selfishness. I was surprised by what i myself was talking but much later giving it a thought i was convinced i was not talking crap. Looking from more practical point of view, its universal.

Every human being is selfish. Its only that the degree of selfishness differs. I dont beleive in selfless freindship or love. Infact either in freindship or love there is more selfishness involved. Before you guys start accusing me of being irrational let me give you an example.

If a person x is good looking, charming,has a pleasent personality and has all the so called positive qualities we tend to like him/her. But how many guys fall for not so good looking girls and how many girls would care for guys like me. Its simple. I like you because you have something i am intrested in. Why i am intrested , its because i get pleasure from that or may be i feel good about it.

Look at it carefully. Its just 'I'. And when 'I' comes into picture everything gets selfish. Seldom do we talak about 'You'. Subconsiously we are worried about 'I' and nothing more important.

And then this talk about people trusting blindly and helping others and being great friends you can depend on. Why do we trust people? again the answer is selfishness. Because when we trust others we expect them to trust us. Why do we help them? We expect them to help us. I find selfishness even in hatred. I hate you because hating you gives me more comfort and assurance than loving you.

Ok. Fine. I am also selfish. Now dont start thinking that i am being stupid and exaggarating things. Accept it guys. We are selfish. My point of contention is there is nothing called as selfless. I tend to look at it this way. Small degree of selfishness is in my opinion self centeredness. And that does not harm anybody.

Selfishness is universal and one of the basic instincts. Why am i writing this musings and posting to you all knowing most of you get annoyed reading them? Simple. I am being selfish in the sense i want you to read them. May be i want to exhibit something.

Think and ponder over my views on selfishness without prejudice. I am sure you will agree with me.

Irony of life is we are selfish in showing others we are not selfish.

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