Monday, February 11, 2008

Its Money Honey!

Just mention "Money" and you can already see eyebrows raised. There is nothing more sweeter than the words Money,Wealth,Assests etc to hear. And in current social scenario only thing that matters is CTC. No matter what your profession is, we dont care. Just tell me your CTC and i will tell you what your life is. Anybody who says he/she is just working for job satisfaction and all those ideologies, is most welcome to visit alice in wonderland. Ok. Agreed. you work for job satisfaction. Fine. Why dont you give half of your CTC to some orphanage. Say yes and i will be at your doorstep with donor receipt.

I might have started with exaggarating things. To make it more clear let me put forth my observations. I assume there are 3 stages in every professionals life.

1. Get a job first. ( Thats the hardest thing.) When you get one dont worry about CTC. Aftertall once you gain experience you can always take that cute, innocent , bubbly girl out for dinner. Anyways till you get a good CTC you can just dream about it. Slog it out for your seniors.

2. Its play time now. The game is called hop and shop. You just go on a hopping spree from one company to another and meantime shopping and getting all those basic things in life. Whoever said a 4 wheeler is not basic need must have slept in stone age and woken up today morning.

3. You are tired now. So just relax and concentrate on your excel sheets. There are many poor chaps working under you. Pick up few targets and display your political side. Oh sorry. The money part. Just live your life on divedends of MF,ULIPS, Bonus and your salary. Dont try to manage them. You yourself would never know where your investments are and what is your wealth.

Anybody who has succeded in all three phases is lucky but the one who fails has failed to acheive what he had set out in the first place and uses job satisfaction, loyalty as excuses.

I have experienced it. I had never valued money and unfortunately it didnt me either. So its give and take. Value your money and it will give you value. The other day i was in a dilema weather to go for technology or CTC. Technology will change daily. So sticking to technology is like holding sand in your palm. It slips on but you need to fill it everytime. Whats wrong if i can get the CTC today , which i may or may not get staying with the technology after one year.

No no. I am not being money minded. I am just passing through the second phase. Fine topic has changed and i admit i have started to justify myself.

Few days back i had a breif conversation with a guy who had joined IBM 2 years back with a fake experience of another 2 years. So now his official experiene was 2 years. When i asked him if i he didnot feel guilty or ashamed of what he did the answer was straight and frank "Its money buddy. One risk of fake certificate and i and earning what a 4year slogger earns. I have just decreased my effort by 2 years and increased bargaining power. Simple. And yes. If i change the company and i need more CTC i will change my own payslip. And mind you. The more they pay, the more they make you work."

It did not shock me. I had seen moany people with fake exprerience but what really surprised me was his frankness. Lets admit it. Its just money. Make hay when sun is shining. And right now the sun is shining.

Finally i got the answer to the question that had been hauntin me since in stepped in bangalore. "What does that creep have which i dont have to deserve such a pretty girlfriend?"

Answer is simple. Its money that matters honey!!!!

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