Sunday, March 23, 2008

Suicide Point.

I reluctantly agreed to drive my sister to melkote and kere thondanur last saturday. Reluctantly because, the climate in bangalore was making me damn lethargic. Still the drive and location were more than spectacular. It was just the kind of trip i needed to refresh myself. I have been very less enthusiastic and kind of low since few days.

All through the journey, drizzling rain followed us. And once we took right turn after Mandya it was nature at its best. Green fields greeted us. Its always so refreshing and reassuring to just drive past green fields. I still have memories of my childhood when we eagerly awaited one of those trips to villages. We spent as much time as possible in the "Thote" and "canals". More often we could spend hours just near that big pipe chugging out water in the middle of the "thote". In the afternoons under the shade of big neem or tamarind tree, awaiting food from home.

Comming back to melkote trip ( i usually get carried away by nature and its beauty), we had climb steep steps to reach the temple. Half way through the steps, on the right side you will find a space large enough to accomodate 50 people. Basically its a face of huge stone. I walked towards the end of the stone and was struck at the spendid beauty in front of me. It was still drizzling. Somewhere far out there , hills were covered in mist. ( I guess that effect was due to raing. ). At another place there was a small gap in the cover of clouds from which sun was peeking. The wind was cold and i was relishing every moment of it.

"This is called suicide point." My sister informed me who had apparently caught up with me on the climb. "Nobody would probably die, if they jump from here. At the max they would be paralysed for life" My sisters friend added. I looked down below. Infact there were enough sharp stones to effect the "KILL". I did not offer any comments.

I was tired of driving and handed over the keys to Amit while returning. At that moment i realised that my mind was already contemplating the suicide point.

Few days ago i read in the newspaper that 90% of people who try suicide, survive. And more. They are under serious stress and have to endure the trauma till they die. Most of the suicides i have come across in life and in news papers in genral, are due to two reasons. Failed in exams or rejection in love (Other being some idiots playing blowing-up-self game at every given chance).

I wont talk about people thinking about suicide ( i have covered this already here ). What goes through the prospective suicider, when he/she is standing on such a vintage point. How do they fail to notice the beauty lying ahead of them. The beauty in itself is inspiring and motivational enough to live the life. I am sure lot many would-have-been-suiciders have stopped just ahead of that fatal jump due to this.

Nature is just awesome. Its rules are fundamental rules for life as well. It inspires. It brings best of us. Its magical. Its wonderful. It looks fabulous even when it is voilent. You have to appreciate the mystical power it has. So anybody there thinking of that "jump", be sure look ahead, take a deep breath and feel the beauty of nature. That may just charge you to take on life.

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