Thursday, March 20, 2008

Unkown Pain..

Years have passed,Days have gone by.
Somewhere deep in heart,I still feel the pain.

I stretch my hands and surrender to the clouds,
cool breeze caresses my face.
It fails to heal the heart.
So does the loving rain.
I still feel the pain.

I question the stars with moist eyes,
What is the cause of these tears.
They also seem not to know the reason.
So does the caring moon.
I still feel the pain.

Whom do i ask? Whom do i question?
My world is full of joy,
Which i will bargain.
Just to know,
Dear why i still feel the pain?.


GR said...

With pain comes a greater asset.. the strength to endure it.. and finally overcome it. takes its own sweet (read long) time though!!!

Aham Brahmasmi said...

I Agree.