Tuesday, April 1, 2008

To know.(Unedited)

Since yesterday evening my mind has been preoccupied with something. So much that when i speak, i had to concentrate like hell not utter wrong words. Its time i salvage my mind from the annoying thoughts of mine. And as usual the thoughts find their place to this blog.

Everybody has heard this proverb. Most of us have used it as a weapon against others at some point of time in life or merely used it as a self solacing tool.

"A friend in need is a friend indeed."

"So true!!" You guys can say. But sorry. I have a different view. ( I always have one :) ). Doesn’t it sound bit selfish as well as childish?

Let me put it in a small story about three guys A,B and C. A and B are friends. C is a stranger. Hmmm. Lets do it bollywood style. C is villain. A and B share a "sholay" friendship. One fine day A is in need of money. (True bollywood style). A large amount. He goes to B and requests him. B is himself in financial trouble and so he says sorry (of course after lengthy emotional dialogues ). A is heartbroken. He reminds B of days when A used to buy lolly-pops for B. He then accuses A of being "dosti ke naam pe dhabba". C sees the opportunity and rescues A with lots of money. (Bolloywood villains are always dirty rich). A feels C is his friend. B is heartbroken he could not help A but he was practical. C is now "buddy buddy" with A. Intermission.

That’s it guys. Now tell me. Though B wanted to help A he could not. He had no means. A was in trouble and no body can deny that. But was it fair on the part of A to accuse B. Should B have done something to help A. Why did not B go to C , take money and hand over ot A. Later B could have faced the bad man. Just because B was helpless doesn’t mean he was not friend of A.

Okay. Its getting out of hand. I will stop that. I told you, my mind is working overtime so bit exhausted.

Coming straight to the point, are not we selfish when we say "if you are my friend...". A friend is a friend. Period. Look at the definition of friend. It is devoid of any constraints. We have very bad habit of adding conditional statements in every thing we come across. That’s bad.

I have always maintained, we should look at the circumstances. A good person may read the individual, but it takes a mature man to read the circumstances. What the hell? Every time i put forth something, every time i think about various aspects of life, i end up with circumstances and expectations. Life puts us through lots of situations. And our character, attitude and happiness depends on our action or reaction.

Is it not true that we always react in life. There are damn few opportunities where we get to act. But then even that action is result of earlier reaction. Life is never ending loop of actions and reactions.

To know how to react is to know how to be happy. To know when to act is to know the confidence and strength in you. To know when to just sit back and let the control go off is to know when to be contended.

And to know all this, learn from the circumstances in you life.


Gouri said...

You should be writing a book!!! And i really mean it.

Aham Brahmasmi said...

:) i am flattered... well with the kind of limited vocabulary and creative disability i dont think my book will even be considered by anybody... :)