Tuesday, April 8, 2008

MILK : Recipe for success.

"I fear you are getting materialistic with each passing day." My sister said while i was busy fiddling with my cell phone and chatting with mom. I did not offer any comment. I did not feel like. I normally dont get into arguments with my sister. It’s simply that we both have different policies but ironically both have same foundation and same goals. The paths are different and that usually causes lot of debates between us.

This time i did not offer my point of view. Being materialistic has different meaning to me. I don’t mind spending that extra buck. I don’t mind indulging myself in luxury. Most of the time i have had unnecessary expenditure which any person with a bit of thinking mind would have gladly avoided. But that’s not me.

MILK. Money. Influence. Luck. Knowledge. This combination is just deadly. And this is the most perfect recipe for success. What about hard work and dedication then?

Hard work is good. But smart-work is always preferred. Even extremists are dedicated guys. So for dedication towards right things you need right knowledge.

No matter how much avoid, you do come across guys in life for whom money is everything. When you are working towards a certain goal, you definitely dont want yourself stuck with some hurdles created by guys like these. Being nice means different for different guys. Keep in mind that sharing your money is considered "being nice guy" among many people in today’s scenario and there are hell lot of people who believe in that.

Just money doesn’t solve all your problems. Money is just a starter. You have to follow it up with influence. Influence is not only that phone call or recommendation letter. Its just a part of it and in most of the day to day activities you dont need them. You should have to ability to work your way against the person you are dealing. For that you should have mastered your words. You should have convincing attitude and authority in your character. You should learn to charm people. You should have the ability to influence their thoughts and look the things the way you look. That’s influence.

Luck, they say, is something that is not in your hands. I partially agree. Untill you test your luck, how will you ever know if it was on your side or not. Of course a person needs his share of co-incidents and accidents. But its how you see them. For me co incidents (luck) are the confirmation that i am doing right things. I dont believe in co incidents. I believe in action and reaction and these so called co incidents are just reaction to something i might have done earlier. ( As i said.. I just adore Law of Karma).

Having all these three is fine. But if you dont have knowledge, you will be "kicked out" of the race. Knowledge is like nuclear weapon. It has to be deployed very responsibly. Simple having knowledge is not sure shot sign to success but knowing how to use it is. Knowledge dosent mean only technical stuff. It also includes the tit-bits information you gather along the path.

So guys MILK is need of the hour. Without MILK it’s hard to survive and its no more survival of the fittest. It is survival of the smartest.

Concept of MILK was something i came across in college days. It was during a speech marking our annual day. I dont remember who it was. But i do remember the guys mentioned only two lines. "You should have milk to be successful. its money, influence, luck and knowledge"

And over the years i have explored those lines and felt the summary by the speaker to be perfect.


Anonymous said...

Ram, this again a century from your side.

Am Eagerly waiting for "Emotional Suicide"

Chaitra said...

Very true, MILK is the key to success

Gouri said...

i Told u .. you should be writing a book.. but i guess you arent taking me seriously, Ram

By the way i like your name: Ram.

Aham Brahmasmi said...

:) thanks. Frankly some time back i was in fact thinking about a book. But now i feel once the posts on this blog reach 100, i will pick the best under "Random thoughts" and "Lessons from life" label and publish it. Will surely need your help in chosing the right ones though. :) Thanks for the motivation.

deepzhere said...

Hi, I enjoy your Blogs than Cyrus's The week That wasn't on CNN IBN

sharu. said...

dear ur thinkings r realy gr8.

Towsifa said...

God...am so glad that i dint miss reading this one....
I totally agree with u on this, for the era in which we are living, all we need to survive is Money, Influence, Luck and Knowledge....
More than the first 3 words, the use of Knowledge in this acronym is perfect.
Hmmmm I wish I could fit in the word 'Power' in this acronym, coz I feel that’s also one of the essential factors for survival...
So, that makes the Perfect 5 for me - Money, Influence, Luck, Power and Knowledge (I’ll still keep knowledge at the end, coz that’s the most impt factor)