Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hope and Faith

It has been almost a year that i have posted anything. Well, life has taken many turns during this period. Life as usual, being the greatest teacher of all, has again given me few lessons. Will soon share my experiences. Pardon me if you find my this post bit rusty. Blame it on my long absence from this activity. "Hope" you will enjoy this post.

Hope and faith are two of very important things that keeps us moving. Here, when i talk about faith, its not just religious faith. We exhibit faith and hope in almost all the actions we perform. When you sleep in the night, most of the times you plan for next day. Everyone has a set plan of action. For tomorrow, for next month, for next year. Why do we plan? Yes, there are many reasons. I am not intrested here in the reasons for planning, but what makes us plan. Its the hope that we will be able to perform those actions. We hope to acheive something. This we do, very well knowing, that future is unpredictable and very much unknown. Hope is involved here. Hope for better future. Hope for better moments. You can only hope. You can not garuntee. Sounds very gloomy situation? Not really.

You must be aware of this proverb : "Faith can move mountains". What is this faith? What is the strength it posses? Faith is beleif. Beleif in something or someone. Faith is also very integral to our day to day life actions. When you purchase something from a vendor, you have certain amount of faith. When your doctor prescribes you medicine, you have certain faith in him. He might have lengthy degrees next to his name and you can argue that shows you know he is good doctor. Where is the question of faith here? Well, having degrees can not garuntee you the best doctor. What is the garuntee that he is giving you the right medicines? But that does not mean you can question each and everything in your life. We take some things for granted. But thats not to be taken as garuntee from the other party. Based on his degrees , we take for granted that he is right. Unfortunately there have been cases of wrong diagnosis. That just shows how things that can pass as granted, can go wrong and there is always the possibility of things going wrong.

Being an optimist, i see hope in everything and every where. This keeps me moving. Hope nuetralizes the various side effects of a bad situation. Hope that things will be better tomorrow. Just hoping wont work. Hope, but at the same time strive. You cant sit in your bedroom and hope to find salary in your account at the end of month. You will have to work. Take necessary and needed actions, and then hope. Hoping for something without striving is called foolish and unreasonable faith.

Show faith in all. Most importantly in yourself. We have not realized the strength we posses. Somewhere deep inside lies the great strength to overcome every difficult situation. Have faith. When the time comes, you will be able to face it. Make faith your tool to realize the unknown strength in you. Faith is often associated with confidence. Confidence is when you know you will do it. Faith is you feel you will be able to do it.

I am one of those who advocate simple life. Rather i should say, life with out complexities. Keep things in life simple and never complicate anything. How do we make things simple is upto us. There is no extra effort needed to stay away from unwanted complexities of life. Just gaurd your actions and reactions. Gaurd your thoughts. Gaurd your speech. Gaurd your feelings. Read the situations. And lo, you have a simple and sweet life.

Thats for now.


Nithin.S said...

wow amazing article i must say. Yes indeed, hope and faith are gr8 forces.

Chaitra said...

Hope and Faith = Food and water... for life!