Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trust Vote

Finally its over! The trust vote. I , for once, followed the debates on TV and Rediff chat as well. In india every thing follows a pattern. A pattern well mastered and practiced by bollywood. The trust vote was no different. PM started with emotional appeal that could well be compared with "purani filmy maa". LK Advani was bothered that the deal seems to be between two individuals and not countires. Well i guess his true concern was that he wasnt one of the individuals. And then totally senseless speeches by various MPs. They talked everything on earth except the nuclear deal. It was like director losing the plot after 4 frames in the movie. So typically bollywood. Before the audience got bored entered Lalu Prasad Yadav. Frankly speaking, he was the only one who was really educative and informative. I would have never known those film songs if not for him.

As with any bollywood movie, the twists were at the end. In the middle of the debate, BJP MPs gave a twist with Rs 1 Crore. That left everyone shocked and surprised. "Cash mere bahon mein.. Cash mere aahon mein..." Inspiration i guess. Experts felt BJP was preparing for boycott. Experts are always so consistent with their predictions. Their ability ( rather inability ) was proven again. BJP announced it wont boycott. Another twist. Finally counting started. It took exactly 10 seconds for the results to be displayed on the board. UPA was ahead of NDA by around 27 votes. 46 votes were still to be registered.

As with every movie i skipped the climax. Next day the suspense was broken. Lot of MPs had cast cross votes. Our bollywood actors also forget their characters most of the times. What a similarity no?

All along the debate i was closely watching rediff discussion forum on trust vote. I really liked the quality of discussion educated and young India presented. Mainly the way assets of babydoll were discussed. Dont ask me how are the assets of babydoll linked with nuclear deal? samirdoshi puts it this way. Babydoll is hot and so is nuclear power. See, for us normal indians, everything is so simple and logical.There was one guy who was very much worried about sensex. He was paranoid. He posted his views more than 20 times in a time frame of 3 minutes. Must have invested hell lot of money.

Some great thinker suggested we nuke the parliament. I dont have any comments. Except that i hope he is talking of sending babydoll to parliament. Another guy wanted military rule for next 10 years. Hmmm. I just pray Bush dosent take this guy to be referring to military rule by his troops. By the way, once the nuclear plants are being monitored by USA, it dosent take much time for them to send their troops here to gaurd them against any suspected terrorist attacks. Very gloomy. Isnt it. Yes i was exaggerating.

In India every person is an expert in international politics and strategies. They can tell you why us did not use nuclear weapons against iraq. They will enlighten you about link between iran, US and your village hardly inhabited by 4 families. They can sense conspiracy where there is one. Usually every news has a conspiracy behind the lines. These experts and uncover it.

And as i said everything in india follows a pattern. So it was not a surprise when a member posted a parody of latest bollywood hit.

"sala mannu can't dance...? sAla mannu cant' speak.. ? sala "

Excuse the mixing of words here. It should ahve been mamu cant dance sala....

PS: Below is just a sample of the discussion thread! :) Enjoy

samirdoshi says, @papji I vote for d motion
papaji says, I think Pamela Anderson was very much energetic and hot in the movie BarbWire. What Do you
guyz think?...... Please Vote

AdvaniGandhi says, @mission impossible ----------- US did not use nuclear weapons in Iraq because, main reason
US attached Iraq --- IS FOR THE PETROL/OIL --- If they use nuclear weapons, they cant do the same. US already is a friend of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and NOW, Iraq. IRAN is the only petro rich country left.... So, US wants to attack IRAN now...
iuandwe says, hi

satheshj says, let them dissolve abd bring military rule for next 10 years
ep_murali says, UPA wins (Market 1000 points up) UPA lose (Market 5000 points down)
babbydoll says, sala mannu can't dance...? sAla mannu cant' speak.. ? sala manu can't doanything then whey such useless manu chasmis as PM can we have a young dynamic PM ?
appus says, Deve Gowda! what a kind politiation is he.... ? ;)
Nir says, We can put one Nuclear Bomb in parlament?
sanju_vi says, none of them knows actual benefits of nuclear deal... scarifising defence enhancement..... all the powerful nations have stocked pile their nuclear wepons n they fear that in future india may become nuclear threat
to those powerful nations.... so desperatley tryin to avoid this n putin pressure on india to sign nulear treaty... civilian benefits like energy cant expect much earlier than 2030.... so ther is no need to sighn the pact in such a urgency...
samirdoshi says, all r corrupt

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