Friday, April 25, 2008

Time pass....

Life is going smooth. Career wise , its the best phase so far. When you dont really do much work but get appreciated and awarded, where is the qustion of complaints. It doesnt always happen that way. :)
But still want to have a long vacation. Might go some where. Even a days trekking is fine with me.
Days are getting hotter. Its getting difficult to venture out in the sun. But again since i was born in bellary ( known for unforgiving summers ) and spent few early years of my life there, it is not very difficult as it seems. What is the best thing about summer? I dont have to think twice about getting drenched in the rain when i am in deep sleep. Where? Ofcourse terrace yaar!!
There was this small discussion about dowry over a cofee with my good friend. Both of us very well agree that it is very unfair practice. But something that i hate to hear is a well settled software engineer asking for the dowry. Dowry amount is directly proportional to a persons package,education, designation. Think about it. Dowry is highest among software engineers. I am ashamed to be called a software engineer if most of my collegues prefer dowry. Companies should do something about it. Like cut CTC by 50% if their employees take dowry. :) If you cant even take care of expenditures of your own marriage and take care of your spouse, how can you even think to get married? Just on the basis of dowry you want to survive?? Girls better ask your parents to invest that money in whatever options you have, and live life royally. Who needs a husband who takes your money to take care of your needs (most of the time his needs though) ?
Suddenly i have started to hate democracy. Yesterday on TV, saw few guys attempting to hang themselves as their leader was not given ticket to contest elections. Do they really think they can fool us? If i was the policeman incharge there, i would not waste my time cajoling them. If they hang themselves, We are down with few more irresponsible and senseless guys. If they dont, then there "nautanki" will be exposed. By the way, i really doubt if these guys will try to hang themselves or self immolate for the causes of clean water, power supply and sanitaion in their areas. Hmmm. Power of a biryani and and 650ml desi is so strong, it will get you truckloads of people to die for you.
Everytime i am on road, driving my angel, there are moments where i feel like requesting al-qaida to wage jihad against two wheelers in the city. Ok. Ok. I owned a two wheeler myself for more than three years but i have never zigzagged on the roads. Bangalorean two wheel riders are the craziest and dangerous species on earth. You dont need a army or scud missiles to conquer afghanistan or iraq. Just export our two wheel riding modern "yamas" and they can raze a country in hours.
Am planning a small story again. "Quest". Thats the name i am thinking of.
Finally why this nonsense post? Okay. I dont have anything better to do here in the office. No work. No meetings. Cant go home :( . And am bored of mails and chatting.


Gouri said...

Nimage timepass ge tumba time kottidru ansutte :) welcome to my project.. Timepass na T kooda sigolla :) kidding... hope u blessed with lots of time to pass... and who said Bellary has unfogiving summer... you shd be coming to Gulbarga , how do i know??? :) i belong to GLB.


Aham Brahmasmi said...

Unfortunately Time Pass is the last thing i ever want in my life :) Because idle mind is devils workshop and you already have examples of products comming out of that workship in the form of this blog :)