Friday, March 14, 2008

A Girl I dont know about...

I was staring at my computer screen, thinking about a javascript function. My mind was as flat as the screen i was staring at. I have never understood the reason behind having languages case sensitive. May be as i am from vb background and hardcore vb fan at heart i would never understand. My staring ended with the message beep sound of the cell. i looked at my cell placed on the desk. For a while i didn't check the message. I told you my mind was blank. Later it occured me that i have open the message to read it, instead of waiting for it to open up itself. I checked the message. "I am on my way to brigade. Message me when you are done with your work." That was from chotu. I looked at my watch and it was 8.15 PM. It was friday, weekend as the ITians know it. Instead of replying i went back to my thinking process ( usually it involves just staring at the screen). I then changed few lines of code and the page started working fine. Immediately i called chotu.
"Kahan ho tum."
"Teek hai. Mein 15-20 minute mein pahunch jaunga. Bas thode mail bhejne hain." "Chalo fir. bye"
I sent few mails upating team members of the changes and updations in the functionality, logged out and hurried towards Brigade road. I parked my bike on residency road, near Down Town Pub and hurriedly walked towards brigade road. Just in front of Planet M was chotu waiting for me.
"Aap bahut late hain. Main yahan kab se khadi hun."
"Khadi kyon ho. Bait jathi."
"Bhaiyaaa.." She stared at me. It was obvious she did not like my little joke.
"K. sorry. chalo. muje aaj jaldi jana hai"
"jaldi matlab?"
"Dus baje."
"But its already 9 now."
I did not speak. We crossed cauvery emporium and entered Styx. I always make it sure she dosent stay back late in the evenings. Not atleast when i am around. As we stepped in, i knew i had entered a world which i usually avoid. Styx is known to play some really great rock music, chotu informed me.Rock,country, jazz, hip-hop are totally out of my dictionary. I have never understood the difference. For that matter i find hard to follow their lyrics. Pubs are strange places i feel. You see people shaking their heads as if thunder has just struck them. Theres no differene between them and people dancing with neem leaves and lemon garlands in some village jathre ( fair ). And then there are others who try to talk privately and whisper among each other in such loud music. Whats the point. "Should we really come to pubs? you know i hate such crowds" I questioned chotu. "Bhaiya. Mere exams ho gaye hain. Aur mein bahut dino ke baad aapke saath ayi hun. Please mere liye. U know i like music." Well she likes what i hate. Not music. The crowd. But then i had promised her i would take her to pub if she did her exams well and she had. We sat at a corner and ordered two pegs of Peter Scotch and Chicken Tikka. We tried talking for a while but as i said its very difficult to, in such loud music. I gave up. I was too tired to shout and thats what you have to do if you want to talk in pubs. Meanwhile my glass arrived. I was busy with my drink and watching TV where Rock Albums were being played. Infact i was trying to figure out the lyrics and i admit i failed miserably.

"Dont try that. Not many succeed."
Chotu always seems to know whats going on in my mind. Chicken Tikka hadnt arrived yet. I turned around to call for a waiter when i noticed a girl sitting quitly among three guys. She was about 4.9 ft to 4.11ft. Slim and open hair. I dont dare say drop dead looks but still beautiful enough to get attention of guys like me. Something about her made me feel she wasnt enjoying the environment either. I was happy to have found a like minded person. She was sitting silently staring at something. The three guys were totally under the influence of shake-your-heads-till-you-get-bald syndrome. She was helpless. I really felt she was uncomfortable. She was there physically but her mind and thoughts were wondering elsewhere.

"Why do always stare? Stop that" Chotu shouted.
"I have a subject for my next musings and i realy feel bad for that girl" I replied. Chotu has not read any of my musings but she is "confident that i write well". Over a period of next one hour i checked on that girl often. And everytime my pity for her increased. I started thinking what made her come there, sit silently if she wasnt realy enjoying. What was going on in her mind? Did she have a bad day? Was she upset about anything? I had not seen any of guys consoling her. So no question of she being upset. If so the guys wouldnt have ignored her. Yes. She was totally ignored. But one thing about her, i was sure of. She was consious of my glances. All that was important for me during that period was to know what was going in her mind.
Though i was conversing with chotu, i was very much thinking about that girl. We finished our drinks and it was time to leave. I asked for the bill, gave my purse to chotu to pay it and went to restroom. While returning back i noticed that even those guys were preparing to leave. "Chalen chotu." "K. ye lo apka purse" Even though i was out of styx, that girls image was still on my mind. "Bhaiya.. Bastard " I was shocked. "What?" "Nahi he is such a bastard .. he has take 50bucks more.. how can he do that.. " "Its ok chotu.. forget it.." "Nahi.. chalo vapas leke aate hain" and she turned around. I caught hold of her arm and stopped her. "Its ok. No use of going back. Next time we will be careful" "But.. he.."
"Shut up. I said its ok and its just ok.Come lets go" While i was busy convincing chotu i saw that girl and 3 guys walk past us. I glanced at her. We exchanged looks. For the first time i knew she understood what i was thinking about. I saw them cross cauvery emporium, cross brigade road and walk towards anil kumble circle. I turned around and chotu was not to be seen. She was nearing Styx. I ran, caught hold of her and literally had to drag her. Its not that she felt 50rs was too much. She very well knows money is last priority with me. Its just that she felt cheated and she cant stand that. If the same guy had asked for 100 as tips she would have given 200. Thats her. Verymuch like her genrous handsome intelligent and mature brother (If you are wondering who it is, FYKI - its me). I still carry that girls image in my mind. If and only If i had a chance to talk with her.

But life is not a fairytale. Humans are so foolish. They hardly know themselves well and they try to judge others and their thoughts. Hypocrisy at its best. I must say.

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